Monday, 20 December 2010

Classic Courts

Suede Platform Pumps, MiuMiu at (£320)
Suede Platform Pumps, MiuMiu at (£340)

I went into Le Bon Marche in Paris the other day, and although I love shoes, a lot, rarely is it that I find a pair of classic heels that take my fancy. I always think that if I am going to spend money on something, it should be original, distinctive, have the 'Wow' factor, and something Primark won't copy and have in their stores the following week.

However, these MiuMiu Suede Platforms I did fall in love with. And perhaps the reason they are so classic, chic and smart is exactly the reason high street retailers en masse won't copy them? Not only are they a classic court shoe and would last for seasons/ years to come, they remain current with their platform, their height and shape of the heel, as well as the square toe. To add to the list, they also come in the most amazing array of colours, from turquoise to aubergine to navy.

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