Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow Blues

I was wandering the streets of Paris this morning with the second blast of thick snow we have had tumbling down, in what I considered to be my 'Winter Boots'. My trusty brown leather Kurt Geiger biker boots have done me incredibly well - 2 years along the line, re-soled about 5 times, waterproof sprayed twice, polished once, look almost as good as when I bought them (debatable, maybe), and I thought they would get me through another Winter perfectly.


Day one of wearing them and I get near to frost bite- you could almost wring them out with water and I felt as though I was walking barefoot in slushy snow. Note to self: use the waterproof spray.

As much as I didn't enjoy this unfortunate few hours of very cold and wet feet, it made me think of a basic, but vital checklist to go by when buying winter boots:

1. Warm
2. Waterproof
3. Comfortable
4. Good sole for grip and insulation

Although all of the above may seem obvious, it got me to thinking about my shoe and boot collection. I admit I perhaps have a few too many pairs of footwear, but NONE of them adhere to all of the above... I have therefore carefully selected a few pairs which do, and will take you blissfully through this freezing weather.

Orca, Pied a Terre (£135 from £165)
Park P, Pied a Terre (£175 from £225) Also available in Black
Andrea Suede Fold Over Ankle Lace Up Boots, Topshop (£65)
Marshall Fur Biker Boots, Topshop (£36)

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