Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jimmy vs Topshop

'Wheel' Suede Slippers in Leopard / Black, Jimmy Choo (£295) / (£235)

'Kosy' Suede Slippers in Leopard / Black, Topshop (£50)

Almost identical and less than a quarter of the price, you have to love a bit of high - street copying. I think I might even prefer the Topshop ones. I love this slipper style and it is a great alternative to the ballet pump.

After a lot of um - ing and arh - ing (too much maybe), I bought the leopard ones online about 5 weeks ago, only to receive an e-mail 3 days later to say that they had in fact sold out in my size. After what I have to say was awful customer service from Topshop, I was assured that they will be back in stock at some point, I check every day but STILL to no avail, e-bay hasn't come up trumps either ... it's getting tedious and I am getting impatient. Should I recoil ... ?

Images taken from Net-a-Porter.com and Topshop.com

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