Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Festival Shoe Etiquette

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As the festival season is now well underway, and whether you are keeping it local and going to Glasto or T in the Park or jetting off to Barcelona for Sonar or Benicassim, what you are going to wear on your feet is definitely worth thinking about. I went to a gig in a park in Paris a couple of weekends ago and saw far too many people in the wrong shoes resulting in trampled feet, blisters, cuts... it's just not worth it. So I have compiled a little list of Do's and Don't's for Festival Footwear....

DO wear something comfy, sounds obvious but when you are dancing for hours on end you want to give your feet an easy time.

DON'T wear brand new shoes... wear something that's worn in and you know will get you through the days / nights without giving you blisters.

DON'T wear shoes with open toes - gladiators, flip flops, sandals.. they look cool but when you are rocking out amongst thousands of people, you feet will probably get trampled on, and it will hurt.

DON'T wear heels - it's just not festival etiquette!

Wellies and trainers are definitely the best options and you are under noooo shortage. Everyone from Haviana's to Ted Baker and of course Hunter are making wellies in every colour under the sun, in glossy or matte, with bows or studds... Office have a great selection so take your pick! For me this Summer it's all about the Superga's and the metallic Converse.

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