Wednesday, 27 July 2011


SO way back in February my complete and utter favourite shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia, was asking on Twitter for a final name for a pair of shoes for their A/W 2011 collection, and after optimistically saying 'Iona', I also suggested 'Martha'. This morning I was casually browsing through Facebook and photos of Charlotte Olympia's 'To Die For' A/W 2011 collection pop up.... and guess what, there are a pair of Martha's. And whether or not they got the name from me (which, maybe arrogantly, I reckon they did - if not it is one bigggg coincidence), here they are and they are pretttyyyy damnn beautttiful.

And just to prove it....

Is asking for a pair a bit cheeky if I did name them?! 

And then it was confirmed.. I did indeed name them. I feel this warrants a free pair, no?

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