Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Murder She Wrote

I was introduced to Hanneli's blog over the weekend via another blog, Eight and after Hanneli was described as "dreamworthy", I thought I should take a further gander to see for myself. It didn't take long before I too was captured into this dreamy world of beautiful styling, clothes and photography. One of her photos (below) stood out the most though, not only because of the unique and fresh contrasting of the navy and the burgundy, but of course because of her shoes!

Image courtesy of Hanneli.com

They are the 'Murder She Wrote' style from Office and I have had my eye on them since they appeared on the shelves. They hit this season's 70s trend perfectly and I love everything from the tower block heel, to the platform, to the intertwined suede and all in this amazing dark cobalt blue.

Quickly selling out, I would get your hands on them fast... they are £78 and available in this blue and also black Here. They would be perfect for the rest of the Summer as well as taking you well into Winter with a pair of thick tights.

Check out Eight Blog Here and Hanneli's Here.

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