Friday, 8 July 2011

What to wear if you haven't been blessed with 6 foot pins

Unfortunately I have not been blessed with 6 foot long, skinny, leggy pins. And as my lovely sisters often tell me I also have cankles, so I quickly learnt what to wear to avoid this confusion problem.

Instead of gracing you all with my leggy presence, I am going to use Cheryl Cole as my example. I do love her but she just doesn't always do herself much justice in the shoe department. She definitely has better legs than I, but also has cankles and needs to learn what to wear to stop attracting attention to them (Not the following....).


Round toed, square toed, T - Bars and Mary Janes, ankle boots with bare legs, are just not what you wear if you haven't been blessed with lengthy pins, or in fact just haven't been blessed with defined ankles. They all cut off your legs.

I have complied a little list of what I think you should wear to elongate your legs...
  • Nude shoes are perfect, they draw the eye straight down the leg to the floor, and are also very on trend at the mo.
  • Pointy shoes- similar to nudes, the eye is drawn straight down the leg to the end of the point. Stilettos really do make anyone's legs look killer.
  • If you can't bear the full on stiletto point and height then go for a slightly platformed shoe which isn't a completely round point. These Dolly's by Charlotte Olympia are a great example of the shape of the toe, and the front platform allows the actual heel height to be decreased.
  • Peep Toes, same reasons as above, eyes are drawn through the leg to the floor.
  • Avoid chunky platforms, they often just accentuate the size of the leg if that is what you are worried about. It's all about getting the right balance.
  • And last but not least, if you really do just love that ankle strap, make sure they are nude and therefore less visible.

And just to prove my point, here is Chezza wearing the styles I have suggested, the eye is drawn right down the leg therefore getting rid of the cankle and making her legs look so much more leggyyy!


Alll of this advice though does not mean you have to avoid flats and colour. 

These Zara flats are some of  my fave on the market at the moment. AND they have an ankle strap (in green) - completely contradicting what I have just said, however, the point of the toe out does the strap ... as I said, it's all about the balance.

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