Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bah Oui

So I think it’s fair to say that I have been sparse, to say the least, at blogging over the last 4 months… I also want to say that I never usually blog about myself, my opinions yes, but never about actually me. But this time I feel like being selfish.

Until September 2010, Paris was a place that I had been to twice, once for my cousin’s christening, and once for my French exchange where I was painfully homesick and hated every second of it.  That was until I walked through the doors of Sephora on the Champs Elysees and momentarily, loved it. However, that moment came and went pretty quickly when Ombeline, my French exchange, spoke at me in words I couldn’t understand and the Sephora dream and French exchange reality was brought shatteringly fast down to earth. 

As a result, the idea of moving to France after my degree, let alone back to a PARIS filled me with what I can only describe as complete terror. However, the idea of building a super duper career in the fashion world without a language, to me, just sounded silly.

I made myself remember that spark I felt when I wandered into the cosmetic haven aged 14, and thought there must be something still there. SO, to Paris it was. Not knowing a soul, not speaking a word of French and all the memories of the city I had were, well, completely awful.

Fast Forward a year, and I SURVIVED, it was awesome, completely magical and amazing -I could go on but you might want to vom- but most of all, it banished all my initial horrors of the city. 

4 months ago, London, in my eyes, did not have an ounce on Paris, (a city that, in case it hasn’t come across, I fell completely and utterly, head over heels in love with and someone only has to mention the name of it and my stomach clenches with desire to go back), yet it was where I was to end up. Back from a year in the City of Love one day and 2 days later starting a job in the Big Smoke… my life had been turned upside down in 48 hours and I had been chucked into the “real world” like a smack in the face. 20 days holiday a year, a commute that is putting me on the verge of becoming very claustrophobic and wrinkles in the making.

Despite all this, I am finally coming round to the idea of this massive city. It doesn’t rob you of money every time you open your wallet, you don’t get strange looks when you ask for a dash of milk in your coffee, and most of all, I can understand everything.

So getting to actual point of this post, I am going to bypass my usual trend analysis, street style and general opinions on what people are wearing on their feet, and show you a sneaky peek into my shoe wardrobe… something I haven’t done before, and may never do again. Here are a few of the shoes I have picked up since being back in the UK and working at Kurt Geiger … all of which are still in store…  (Nothing like a bit of advertising for your own brand)!

Kurt Geiger 'Elliot'
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Let me introduce the Kurt Geiger 'Elliots'. They really speak for themselves. I feel in love with these as soon as I saw them. Everything from the luscious red suede, to the pointed toe, to the gold cigarette heel I just thought was so sexy. The 'cigarette' heel has been copyrighted by Geiger so you won't be seeing it anywhere else, and that kind of exclusivity in shoes is something I love. A signature that everyone 'in the know' will recognise and no one else can copy. A massive seller and a great investment. Also available in pink snake and black patent.

Kurt Geiger 'Gen'
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The Geiger Gen's.... hands down the most comfortable heels I have and will ever own. Amazing. Bought forward from last season and I am sure we will see them again. Come in an array of colours and fabrics. I could honestly walk around in them all day, can be worn summer with dresses and skirts, winter with skinny jeans or tights.

KG 'Love'
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My KG 'Love' Brogues. Like marmite, you will either love or hate these. However if you follow my blog you will know how much of a fan of brogues I am and with a touch of glitter, I dont think you can go wrong. This is a great way to add a bit of glitz to masculine styling. They've been called my Michael Jackson shoes and I kind of agree.... I always wear with either a tunic and opaque tights or some black skinny jeans and a denim shirt. This particular pair is quite a wintery style, but I also love brogues with summer, floaty dresses.

Kurt Geiger 'Leap'
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My Geiger 'Leap' ballet pumps. I have to say before working in the shoe industry, I never spent more than £30 on a pair of ballet pumps. So this was a little extravagant, to say the least. However, they are worth it. Italian made, faux snakeskin and the most supple leather, seriously comfortable and worth every penny. Snakeskin is massive this season and it's a great way to add a bit of it to an outfit if you aren't completely sold with the trend.

So, if you made it to the bottom of this essay, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Or if, like me, you prefer just flicking through the pictures, I hope you enjoyed an insight into my growing shoe addiction!  

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