Thursday, 12 January 2012


Just been browsing the New Look website through their shoe section, and whilst I was slightly interested to see some of their shoes at over the £50 mark (most are around the £20 - 30 mark), I then came across the following.. at a casual £200!!!! WHATTTT ?! I am currently debating buying a pair of Miu Miu courts for under that price... Miu Miu.. not NEW LOOK... can't quite believe it. They are crystalised, sure, but at that price I would at least expect Swarovski crystals. All seems a bit mad to me... if I had £150 odd knocking around there is veryyy little chance I would go and spend it in New Look.... each to their own, but I have to say I will be very interested to see how the sales for the following go...

Kandee After8 Platforms £198.88

TOO EXPENSIVE. At that price I would expect Swarovski.

Kandee Caramel Kiss Platforms £159.99

I'm not sure these would be nice even if they had a £0.99 sticker attached to them... Harsh but true.

Kandee Liquorice Black Suede Platforms £129.99

Not a bad style (perhaps copying Charlotte Olympia's island platform) but for £130... I'm not sold.

I don't usually rinse things on my blog, but I have been completely shocked that New Look have bought this selection of shoes which are obscenely expensive in relation to their average customer's spending. The words Shock Horror came to mind.... I honestly don't know how these will do, I have an inkling that there will be some mad customers willing to spend this amount... but I personally, wouldn't.

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