Monday, 13 February 2012

Lana the Pin Up?

Lana Del Rey has to be one of my favourite singers of the moment. Late in blogging about this - maybe, but her article in the most recent edition of Vogue got me thinking about her as more of an artist than just a singer. I tend to get hooked on a song and play it over and over and get sick of. Yet Lana's Born to Die is one I've overplayed but not yet remotely bored of.

Born Lizzy Grant, and raised just outside NYC, she moved into the city aged 18 and whilst getting swept up in alcohol and drugs, she's now T-Total aged just 25 and hasn't had a drink for 7 years. She's a You-Tube sensation who was discovered last Summer and since has won an incredible record deal, sung for a Dior party in Bejing, has had her single 'Video Games' as the soundtrack for Christopher Kane's SS12 show, and has sung at the Mulberry Party at Chateau Marmont, LA.

I think she's unbelievably sexy - she has an air of 1940s pin up girl. Her lips and cheeks, whether they've been pumped (according to Lagerfeld) or not (according to her...) just aid to her look. There's something sublime and sultry about her. Her on her look? "Gangsta Nancy Sinatra..."... "Lolita got lost in the hood"...  and "I live in Monaco but don't fuck with me". Fair say and I can see them all - maybe 1940s pin up is too soft then, or just a happy medium between Lizzy Grant and Lana Del Rey..?

As Lizzy 'thin lips' Grant...

Lana the 1940s Gal...

Lana Del Rey For March's Vogue....

Now whattabout that lip job?

And on writing another record..."oh i don't think i will write another... What would I say? I feel like everything I wanted to say, I've said already".... so relish on this one, cos at the moment it doesn't look as though there'll be another.

Pictures and quotes: Vogue UK March Edition 2012

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