Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Best Coffee Shops in London

I have admittedly been rubbish at blogging since I moved to London. What was a daily habit when I was in Paris quickly became a complete non event since August last year. However, I now have a weeks holiday, and amongst other things I wanted to sort out my blog and get posting again.

As I am surrounded by shoes day in, day out, I have decided to diversify my blog moving away from just shoes, posting about all things that have inspired me or that I love.


I am a bittt of a coffee addict, shakes by 10.30 if I haven't had my daily hit, pounding headache by 12 if I still haven't had my fix... none of which are good signs, I admit. I think I blame living in Paris. Before moving out to the French capital milky coffees used to suffice, but whilst living out there I became very used to just having 'un cafe', which was what we call an espresso.... maybe not a good thing in hindsight. 1e from the local boulangerie and all really amazing. 

Since returning I've found it hard to find good coffee shops.. out of the big chains Nero and Costa would be my faves, but still don't match the quality you found on every street corner in Paris. 

I have been searching high and wide, and the two I have found so far would be up there with some of the best cups I have ever had... both of which happen to be within a 10 minute walking distance from my office.

Gone are the days of milky coffee, in are the days of an Americano with a dash of skinny milk... sometimes with an extra shot...


27 Monmouth Street                  2 Park Street                    34 Maltby Street
Covent Garden                          The Borough                     Bermondsey

London WC2H 9EU                      London SE1 9AB              London SE1 3PA
I've only been to the Borough Market one, and in short it is completely amazing, on a Thurs / Fri / Sat when Borough Market is on, it is completely packed with a queue out the door. You can choose your coffee bean - where abouts in the world it's come from, the kind of strength you like, the size etc. The smell comes out the door, and if you're a coffee fanatic like me, you will love it. The whole organic and fair trade vibe has filtered not just through the coffee but into the shop, where there's high stools sitting around a bar by the windows or a large wooden table in the middle of the shop which everyone sits around. If you choose to have a tartine with it, there's just pats of butter and lots of open jam pots scattered about the table, no pre packaged individual portions creating tonnes of waste. Definitely go if you're in the area.



163 Bermondsey Street, 
London SE1 3UW

Another complete favourite, located on Bermondsey Street opposite the White Cube Gallery. I came here lots with a friend when he was working at the White Cube, and every time we seemed to come out with lots of coffee jitters - it really is very strong coffee but it is really amazing. There are loads of huge leather sofas which you just sink into. Whether you want a 'Chav Coffee' (instant), a 'Fat Wife' (flat white) or an 'Earl Gay' (Earl Grey), they have it all and it really is seriously good. I now come here for lots of lunch hours and another friend and I always think that if we were to ever have a coffee shop, we would want it to be just like this. 

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