Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Wedge Trainer

I have given up shopping for lent - proving really quite tricky, but only 10 days to go, and it has actually been quite good for me- and not least, my bank account. There were only 2 exceptions to my lent rule, one was a wallet, which I ordered about 6 months ago and happened to come last week, and the other was a pair of shoes I've had my eye on since I previewed them last September, and also came last week. The shoes....

Lucca in Taupe, Kurt Geiger

And then I saw one more pair of shoes that I also feel a littleee bit in love with, and they sold out on the Topshop website the day after they went on, so I feel that although I broke my lent, I could easily make the money back on e-bay if I felt reallllyyy guilty about buying them, which as of yet, I unfortunately don't.

This would be the Wedge Trainer. Hot on the lips of many at the moment, and originally from french designer of the moment, Isabel Marant (see below snaps)....

She's been doing them for a few seasons, and at £400 a pair, they are sligghhhtlyyy out of my price bracket, but they have finally trickled down into the wonderful world of the high street, and I got my hands on a pair of Topshop ones. The concealed wedge, casual look, comfortable height... great for walking to work too, (without looking like a complete prick in work stuff with white running trainers... but more on that later..).

I have just bought these, but as I said they managed to sell out in 24 hours, but due to their success I imagine they will be bringing out the same, if not a very similar pair very soon - keep checking online.

Aerobic, £48 at Topshop

Here are some other's, made by ASH and on my-wardrobe.com:

Black Bea Wedge Trainer, £169 at My-wardrobe.com here

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Not quite the music expert

I'm not even going to try and pretend music's my forte. I absolutely love it, however I never know about the good music and artists first, I always get introduced to them. Thankfully I have a few good friends who keep me well in check... one would be one of my bestest friends, Fras, who writes this music blog - 'I've got the words but I can't speak', so in my eyes, she's the expert.

As I think I may have mentioned, I am pretty good at getting stuck on songs, listening over and over again to one track until I am bored to death. So after Florence, Lana and a few others which I now want to almost die when I hear, I was super happy to finally learn the name of a song I heard agggges ago and loved.

I think music is SUCH a personal thing, as we learnt in the office the other day when we were bored of listening to Fearne Cotton's drone and decided to put on someone's ipod. No-one's even lasted one song before being asked to flick onto the next one by someone, or being slated by someone else. We probably went through about 5 different ipods in the space of 8 mins, which resulted in listening to Heart FM....

So, this suggestion you may either love or hate, or you've maybe heard a million times (most likely with 72mill hits on you tube... and once again I am behind the times), but at the moment this is the song I am stuck on. Thank you, Fells. Reminds me of summer days in the SUNNN.

P.S - All experts, I am willing for suggestions... as you may be able to tell.

Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks

Monday, 19 March 2012

Pierre Hardy AW12

Bahh I love these shoes! On first glance I wasn't sure, but it only took a few seconds, and then I saw their beauty. I love the point, the burgundy satin, the flash of the electric blue on the toe and at the heel mixed with the champagne satin, the black corset lacing, the shape of the heel..... I could go on and on (...for longer).

 Your foot would become instantly elegant in these, and I would like them in my closet.

Photo taken from style.com

Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller

Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller is the baby of the Miller sister's, Sienna and Savannah.

Their 6th Season - SS12 has lauched, and Twenty8Twelve is a brand I want to love. All the clothes are made in England, (something that I feel more and more strongly about), and the clothes have a whimsical feel to them, you feel you could be wearing their clothes as you're at a festival on a hot summer's day, or having a picnic down by the river with a cider in hand. Yet, when I look at their collections more closely, there are actually very few clothes that are wearable - (unless you are one of the Miller sisters - blonde hair, blue eyed, skinny as a rake and with no boobs).

I don't know anyone who talks about this brand with aspiration, dying for the latest collection to appear in shops and to have it in their wardrobes, but maybe that's the customer it attracts - an understated consumer, someone who wants something chic, stylish and designer, yet not Miu Miu or Chanel. I am clearly not their target consumer, (one that I consider to be of the Notting Hill set, a late 20 / early 30 something with blonde ringlet toddlers and a country pad south of London), or am I stereotyping?

Love it or hate it, their denim - (which is their bestseller every season), has the below in every pocket for their SS12 collection and that, I love.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Topshop's Jazzhands

MiuMiu's Topshop's JAZZHAND shoes... The shape of the heel, the colours and the panel of glitter are veryyyy reminiscent of many MiuMiu's. AW11 saw MiuMiu glitter heels and boots selling out everywhere, thankfully high street Queen, Topshop, have cottoned onto this, and are bringing MiuMiu-esque shoes to us at an affordable price for SS12!

Having done darker shades (blacks with gold glitter panels) before Christmas, the colour palette has softened, bringing us a very on trend selection of pastel shades with gold and silver panels of glitter. Easily worn from day into evening, and at £60, this is one pair of shoes I would invest in this season. Glitter is biggggggggg this season and I think my faves would have to be the peach ones.

Jazzhands Glitter Peeptoe, £60, Topshop

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Paper London

Smoking hot new label, Paper London, is now onto it's second season. Whether you have seen them in Grazia as 2012's 'Label to Watch', spotted one of their unique designs in the street, just heard me chat on about them, or seen me prance around in the Mondrian Cape (I feel a bit like the coolest, most stylish superhero in it), they really are incredible.

Founded by ex - corporate lawyer Philippa Thackeray, ex - Temperley knitwear designer Kelly Townsend,  and former Hilfiger designer, Lea Carreno, they have come together with a simple mission: to create a confident, modern working wardrobe for women.

Everything is incredibly stylish, so flattering and so wearable. Whether you are a 20-something in the working world or a stylish 50-something, their graphic prints, sharp tailoring and silhouettes, as well as the fresh colour palette will make you stand out from the crowd.

I think I love this season's collection even more than AW11 (which I also fell completely in love with, and I think have tried on the entire collection of). The designs are so unique, and you really get a feel that the clothes have been designed for you, as opposed to some 6 foot leggy model or any average person on the high-street.
Although they are expensive, they are ALL designed and produced in London (a complete rarity in this day and age), and as soon as you touch the fabrics and look at them in the flesh, it's not hard to see the quality, so it really is worth it.

Here are some of my favourite looks for SS12:

Have a look at the SS12 Video here

and lastly... my Mondrian Cape from the AW collection, still available here...