Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Not quite the music expert

I'm not even going to try and pretend music's my forte. I absolutely love it, however I never know about the good music and artists first, I always get introduced to them. Thankfully I have a few good friends who keep me well in check... one would be one of my bestest friends, Fras, who writes this music blog - 'I've got the words but I can't speak', so in my eyes, she's the expert.

As I think I may have mentioned, I am pretty good at getting stuck on songs, listening over and over again to one track until I am bored to death. So after Florence, Lana and a few others which I now want to almost die when I hear, I was super happy to finally learn the name of a song I heard agggges ago and loved.

I think music is SUCH a personal thing, as we learnt in the office the other day when we were bored of listening to Fearne Cotton's drone and decided to put on someone's ipod. No-one's even lasted one song before being asked to flick onto the next one by someone, or being slated by someone else. We probably went through about 5 different ipods in the space of 8 mins, which resulted in listening to Heart FM....

So, this suggestion you may either love or hate, or you've maybe heard a million times (most likely with 72mill hits on you tube... and once again I am behind the times), but at the moment this is the song I am stuck on. Thank you, Fells. Reminds me of summer days in the SUNNN.

P.S - All experts, I am willing for suggestions... as you may be able to tell.

Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks

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