Monday, 19 March 2012

Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller

Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller is the baby of the Miller sister's, Sienna and Savannah.

Their 6th Season - SS12 has lauched, and Twenty8Twelve is a brand I want to love. All the clothes are made in England, (something that I feel more and more strongly about), and the clothes have a whimsical feel to them, you feel you could be wearing their clothes as you're at a festival on a hot summer's day, or having a picnic down by the river with a cider in hand. Yet, when I look at their collections more closely, there are actually very few clothes that are wearable - (unless you are one of the Miller sisters - blonde hair, blue eyed, skinny as a rake and with no boobs).

I don't know anyone who talks about this brand with aspiration, dying for the latest collection to appear in shops and to have it in their wardrobes, but maybe that's the customer it attracts - an understated consumer, someone who wants something chic, stylish and designer, yet not Miu Miu or Chanel. I am clearly not their target consumer, (one that I consider to be of the Notting Hill set, a late 20 / early 30 something with blonde ringlet toddlers and a country pad south of London), or am I stereotyping?

Love it or hate it, their denim - (which is their bestseller every season), has the below in every pocket for their SS12 collection and that, I love.

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