Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Wedge Trainer

I have given up shopping for lent - proving really quite tricky, but only 10 days to go, and it has actually been quite good for me- and not least, my bank account. There were only 2 exceptions to my lent rule, one was a wallet, which I ordered about 6 months ago and happened to come last week, and the other was a pair of shoes I've had my eye on since I previewed them last September, and also came last week. The shoes....

Lucca in Taupe, Kurt Geiger

And then I saw one more pair of shoes that I also feel a littleee bit in love with, and they sold out on the Topshop website the day after they went on, so I feel that although I broke my lent, I could easily make the money back on e-bay if I felt reallllyyy guilty about buying them, which as of yet, I unfortunately don't.

This would be the Wedge Trainer. Hot on the lips of many at the moment, and originally from french designer of the moment, Isabel Marant (see below snaps)....

She's been doing them for a few seasons, and at £400 a pair, they are sligghhhtlyyy out of my price bracket, but they have finally trickled down into the wonderful world of the high street, and I got my hands on a pair of Topshop ones. The concealed wedge, casual look, comfortable height... great for walking to work too, (without looking like a complete prick in work stuff with white running trainers... but more on that later..).

I have just bought these, but as I said they managed to sell out in 24 hours, but due to their success I imagine they will be bringing out the same, if not a very similar pair very soon - keep checking online.

Aerobic, £48 at Topshop

Here are some other's, made by ASH and on my-wardrobe.com:

Black Bea Wedge Trainer, £169 at My-wardrobe.com here

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