Saturday, 25 August 2012

MiuMiu Chelsea Boot

LOVE Miu Miu, LOVE a chelsea boot, LOVE glitter and bejewelled heels. Pretty perfect combo. Great for A/W and so wearable... black skinny jeans, a little dress with a blazer, a mini skirt with a leather jacket... the list is endless and I would love them in my life.

£495 Miu Miu at

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Make A Statement

I'm a massive fan of statement jewellery - either jazzing up a grey marl or a white shirt with a bejewelled necklace, covering up my arms with a big cuff, or accessorising my long fingers with a knuckleduster or two.

If money were no object, Tom Binn's and Bex Rox's jewels would be dripping of every inch of my body. I LOVE their work - it's the contrast of the brights and neon threads with jewels and metal chaining that's so great. You can be wearing the most simple outfit, but with one of their items, you need no more.

Tom Binn's at - £280

Tom Binn's at - £325

Tom Binn's at - £225

Tom Binn's at - £1865

 Fluro Bracelet - Bex Rox - £145

Jesse Cuff in Burgundy - Bex Rox - £243

Art Deco Rose Gold Collar - Bex Rox - £350

Although the above are a little out of my price range, H & M and Zara have some amazing pieces, which in my books, make just the statement, without the price tag:

Earrings - £5.99 H&M

Bracelet - £7.99 H&M

Bracelets - £15.99 Zara

Necklace - £19.99 Zara

Necklace - £19.99 Zara

Necklace - £29.99 Zara