Friday, 8 March 2013

And Other Stories

I'm so bored of Zara, feel I've slightly grown out of Topshop (crop tops were never my thing), and ready for a fresh new, innovative, stylish and currently rather exclusive and under the radar brand, so enter '& Other Stories'.

& Other Stories is the brand-new-hot-off-the-press-yet-to-be-fully-launched brand behind the H&M Group. I have been looking forward to this launching since first hearing about it almost 6 months ago. Having said that, my initial thoughts were fairly sceptical... not least because of the name. Not that punchy, memorable and a bit too much of a mouthful, in my opinion.

I was told it was going to be a mix, in terms of price and product, between the Group's current labels Cos (an absolute gem) and H&M Trend (my fave section of Hennes), so I was quite excited. Having only seen a few pieces in the press before it's pre-launch tonight, I really wasn't sure what I was in for, by oh myy i LOVE it. It has the complete coolness and edginess you would expect from a Scandinavian brand - the clean cut lines seen in Cos with the androgynous and urban style of Acne.

The website creates a complete lifestyle, with mini vid clips of different garments, close ups of different textures and colours on their homepage and their 'stories' - beit the 'Ocean View' story in the 'ready-to-wear' section or the '13 Shades of Nude' in the lingerie section. It's a website you want to explore and discover, something which in the e-commerce world companies are always striving to achieve.

What I also love is that masses of the items and garments are photographed on someone which creates the idea that their clothes have just been snapped on someone walking down the street.

Sunglasses - £12

So yeah, basically I love it - I tried to pick out a few of my best bits but it was too difficult, so here are absolutely loads:

Gold Cuff - £17


Knitted Tops - £29

The Leather Patch Cardigan - £55

Double Breasted Blazer - £79

Leather Tote - £95

Double Breasted Jacket - £79

Satin Mini Bag - £45

Sleeveless Top - £29

Satin Clutch - £35

Straw Hat - £17

Drawstring Leather Bag - £75

Also a brand that doesn't take themselves too seriously...

Striped Tee - £17

And it also sells NIKEs - with sports being such a massive trend at the moment, they have hit the nail on the head with getting those onto their website.

Nike Free 5.0 - £89

Check them out here, as of tomorrow

All images taken from pre-shop viewing

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